Snow and Tango

San Martín de Los Andes & Buenos Aires

San Martín de los Andes is one of the most dazzling and emblematic Andean cities in Argentinian Patagonia. Its particular architecture composed of stone and wood, its varied cultural offer, its lodging options, its people and its sceneries make it one of the most popular destinations for those who wish to have a well-deserved snow vacation.

Resting on the shores of Lake Lácar and surrounded by the majesty of the Lanín National Park, beautiful San Martín de los Andes has so many attractions during the four seasons that visitors wish to remain here for good.

Buenos Aires, The Queen of Silver, Cosmopolitan city that invites you to meet her in many ways. It will exalt all your emotions through its people, customs, places, landscapes and the multiplicity of artistic and cultural expressions which combined, give life to one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

This package includes:

In San Martín de los Andes

Accomodation  Hotel from 3 to 5 stars (with breakfast)

Excursions:City Tour on a Red Bus / Tea at Arrayán Tea House / Navigation at Lácar Lake

Transfer in out to the airport / hotel / airport, and to Chapelco

Ski hill lift means 5 days

Flights are not included

In Buenos Aires

Accomodation Hotel Dazzler Recoleta 4* or similar (with breakfast)

Excursions  Panoramic City Tour on a Red Bus/ Tango Experience / Dinner Show at Mr. Tango

Transfer in out airport / hotel / airport


This package includes:

Hotel from 3 to 5 stars (With breakfast)


Day 1 or 8 (depending on the arrival and department flight) City Tour

To get a first glimpse of San Martín de los Andes (or could be the last in this trip) we propose a ride in the city on board a comfortable collection bus: the Redbus. You can take it at the principal square and you can experience the town way of living from it.

You get on that English red bus called Routemaster from the back door as people used to do long time ago. We invite you to go upstairs on the bus so as to have a better view of the landscape. A bilingual guide will introduce you to details of the history and geography of this magical place.

Days 2 & 3, 5, 6 & 7

Every morning, after breakfast we wil fetch you from your hotel to take you to Chapelco Ski Center where activities take place fron 9 am to 5 pm. On the hill you can rent the ski clothing and equipment for the chosen soprt (Ski or snowboard). You can also pay for individual or group classes or contract any of the additional activities listed below.

Snowmobile tours and rides on sled pulled by Siberian huskies or snow-shoe walks across the unspoilt woodland also gains more and more followers winter after winter. 

Day 3

We will come back earlier fron the Ski Center to participate al the Ceremony of tea at San Martín de los Andes the famous Arrayán Tea House. With mountain spirit, a few kolometres far from San Martín de los Andes, Arrayan was open in 1939. The aechitectural project was built by

Cullen, one of Bustillo`s disciples. Today, after 80 years, the place offers the visitors the same atributes that captivated Renée, its founderand its actual owner, Raúl Pont Lezica, who propose to continue with the magic that emanates from the house declared historic and aechitectural  heritage of the city.

Day 4

Navigation to Quila Quina. We will pick you up to Travel to the traditional pier in San Martín de los Andes, called Port Lácar, on the shores of Lake Lácar.

The watercraft leaves Port Lácar at 12.30 pm Sharp, we have to be punctual. It comes back at approximately 8 pm. This outing is an invitation to see Lakes Lácar and Nonthue, immersed in the most dazzling scenes in the area.

Day 8.

Transfer to the airport at agreed time. Free time from the arrival to 7 pm when we will pick you up to live the Tango Experience helped by a bilingual guide and an argentine tango teacher. The transfer is in private service and the private tango class takes an hour. After that wue will have dinner at Peron Peron restaurante. During dinner we will talk about the history og tango, its beginnings and development. It will be a nice momento to get to know the culture from Buenos Aires. At around 11 pm you will be taken back to the hotel.  If you decide to stay longer (the milongas used to last at 2 or 3 am) you have to go back to the hotel on your own.

Day 9

Free time in the morning. In the afternoon, we have the Panoramic City Tour. This excursion transmits the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will get to know the most emblenatic symbol of the city, the Obelisco. We will go by famous squares such as de Mayo, San Martín, Alvear, del Congreso; avenues: Corrientes, De Mayo, 9 de Julio; historical neighbourhoods such as La Boca, San Telmo, luxury places as Palermo, Recoleta, and Puerto Madero; parks Lezama and Tres de Febrero, and the comercial and financial towns. The tour ends up at micro town.

Day 10.

Free morning and afternoon. At 7 pm we will pick you up to go Mr. Tango, for a Donner Tango Show, one of the most astonishing espectacles in the city. Mr. Tango offers typical and international food. Dinner starts at 8:30 and the show al 10 pm.

Día 11.

Transfer to the airport at agreed time.



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Snow and Tango

San Martín de Los Andes & Buenos Aires


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