El Calafate

Argentina, challenging immensity.

El Calafate is a small town with a big privilege: to be the access to the Glaciers National Park. It is  80 kms far from the National Park, located near the Argentino lake. In the park you will experience the main attractions of this area worldwide known as The Eternal Ice, such as the Perito Moreno Glacier, Upsala Glacier and The Fitz Roy Peak. You will understand the real meaning of immensity.

El Calafate as destination is Adventure assured…

This package includes:

Hotel from 3 to 5 stars (With breakfast)
Transfers Aeropuerto / Hotel / Aeropuerto


Day 1: After the transfer from the airport to the hotel, you will have free time to rest or walk around to have the first impression of this unforgettable destination. Lunch and dinner could be taken in the hotel or down town (see our recommendations on meals). We highly recommend a visit to the GLACIARIUM open until 7 or 8 pm (see optional excursions).

Day 2: After breakfast you will be picked up to experience a unique spectacle Perito Moreno Glacier (80 km far from the city). You should wear comfortable shoes and do not forget to take a coat and suscreen. Remember that the entrance fee to the National Park is not included. After that ride, you reach the area of the walkways in front of the Perito Moreno glacier, located inside “Los Glaciares National Park”. You can take a lunchbox or have it at the restaurant located into the Park. Anothe option es to take an extra tour called SAFARI NAUTICO in which you will sail in front of the southern wall of the Perito Moreno glacier. It takes one hour and it is not included. You will be arriving back to the hotel around 6:00 pm. To have dinner you can stay at the hotel or try any of our recommended restaurants.

Day 3: After breakfast,the tour transfer will pick you up to start this new experience after a 50 km ride: SAILING THROUGH RIVERS OF ICE. Bring coats and sunscreen. Again the entrance ticket to the park is not included. The sailing takes 5 hours and you will go by Uspala, Dry and Spegazzini glaciers. For lunch, you can take a lunchbox or you can take the VIP Captain's Club, an exclusive service. The mystic trip ends around 4:00 pm, after which you will have free time to rest or to do any of the optional excursions. For dinner have a look at our recommendations on meals or you may have it at your hotel.

Day 4: The transfer will be picking you up to take you to the airport according to the time of your flight. Free time until that moment.


Departure: Every days – from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Duration: 11 hours
Description: Trail through walkways from where you can enjoy the most exciting panoramic views the Perito Moreno glacier offers. You can take an additional trip “SAFARI NAUTICO”, getting 150 mts far from the southern Wall of the Glacier Perito Moreno.
Included: Transfers and bilingual guide.
Not included: Entrance fee to the National Park (general fee for no residents USD 30 & for residents USD 15.40)
Recommendations: Coats, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and gloves.
Relevant additional information: The footbridges have balconies at different levels and angles connected by footpaths and stairways that can be fully covered during the tour and thus be able to appreciate this impressive   glacier from different points. There is access for disabled tourists.     


Departure: Every days – from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
Duration : 7 ½ hours
Description: Sailing excursion that covers only the northern arm of Lake Argentino. When we reach the Upsala Channel, we will find a spectacular Ice Bar from which we will have a panoramic view of the Upsala Glacier. Then we will sail through the Spegazzini Channel and enter the bays that both glacieres form. The Spegazzini Glacier is the highest point of the National Park. It also includes sailing in the cord of icebergs.
Included: Transfer and bilingual guide.
Not included: Entrance fee to the National Park (general fee for no residents USD 30 & for residents USD 15.40).
Recommendations: Coats, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and gloves.


Departure:  Todos los días. From August 01 until May 31.
Duration: Full day (From. El Calafate) 1 ½ hours aprox over the Glacier.
Description: This is the most complete tour to visit the Perito Moreno glacier as it includes the trekking on the ice, a short sailing by the south wall of the glacier and a tour in the runways. After a 75 km ride, you embark and after 20 minutes sailing, we arrive in a shelter in the forest where we will be organized in 20 people groups. The trekking on the glacier is about an hour and a half, in which cracks, sinks and small lakes can be appreciated. Approaching to the walls of the glacier, we can enjoy a Scotch glass with ice from the glacier. Once at the port, you are taken to visit the runways located in front of the glacier, where you can have a different view of the landscape. 
Included: Equipment, transfers and bilingual guide in regular service.
Not included: Lunchbox and Entrance fee to the National Park.
Recommendations: Good physical conditions, coats, comfortable, sunscreen and gloves.
Relevant additional information: Allowed for people up 10 to 65 years.


Departure: Every day.
Duration: 4 hours.
Description: We start al Punta Walicho, in which natural caves will be visited and where neolithic men left their footprints 4500 years ago (according to investigations done by the Nature Museum from La Plata). Then we will go to the Glaciarium, center of interpretation, where you will live an educational visual experience. The beginning of the tour will be “From snow to ice ", then the" History of the planet "and "The glaciers in the world ", all these topics will be explored. You will also be able to know the anatomy of a glacier with the help of models and interactive material. In the “central room” you will find a model of the Patagonian Ice Field of colossal dimensions.
Included: Entrance fee.
Not included: Transfer.
Recommendation: Once in El Calafate, this museum is the first visit you should do to understand the landscape you´ll enjoy in destination.


Departure: From October to April, twice per day. 08.30 a.m. or 04:30 p.m.
Duration: 5 hours.
Description: It will allow you to experience the life of a typical Patagonian Estancia. On arrival, we will be waiting for you with tea, coffee or mate accompanied with homemade pastry. Then you can get to know the facilities of the stay, walking around. Through a demonstration of shearing you can see the skills of the Patagonian “gauchos”. You can also see the milking in the morning or the herding of sheep in the afternoon. Menu for lunch or dinner: Lamb roast to the stick with salad and dessert, a glass of wine and soda during the meal.
Included: Lunch or dinner and transfer.
Not Included: Additional activities.


Departure: Every day.
Duration: 2 ½ hours
Description: Reception with mate or coffee and fried cakes. Sheep with dogs and shearing demonstration. Visit to the sheep pens. Visit to the old shearing house, pens and sheep baths, sample photographs. Hike through Sendero Arroyo Calafate. Wine tasting in Mirador del Arroyo. Walk through the organic garden and nurseries of the estancia.
Included: Transfer, reception and wine tasting.
Not included: Dinner.



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